About Me

Hello, I'm Mishawna !

Hairdressing is my second career.  I worked as a personal trainer for 17 years.  I decided to make a career change & chose cosmetology.  I had a fascination with hair from a young age & loved to mix potions out of beauty products when I was a kid.

Now, instead of getting people's bodies into shape I get their hair into shape.

I've been doing hair since 2007, & have worked in different parts of the U.S. From Arizona, San Francisco Bay Area, Puerto Rico to Southern California, where I now live with my husband, son & cat (Bowski).

I am a desert girl at heart. I grew up in Yuma, Arizona, & moved to Southern California for college. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology, from San Diego State University.  I'm a crazy morning person who loves to get up at 5:00am on my day off.  I'll put pizza dough ingredients in the bread maker, hit start, then sit at the kitchen table & watch a Youtube hair video.  I love customizing my recipes to make them better, just like I do with my color formulas in the salon.


My creative inspiration is drawn from my love of the deserts of the American Southwest.  I love the warm colors and wide open spaces.  I'm also, an avid book reader, who loves to wind down at night with a great library book, or my favorite Netflix show.

I consider myself an artist & feel so grateful for the creative hair career I have. I like to say: "Sit down in my chair a guest, leave as a friend."


You can find me at:

Salon Marchessa                     

5167 Baltimore Drive     

La Mesa CA 91942