October Blog: What exactly is a conditioning treatment?

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Ever go to a salon, and see "conditioning treatment' on the menu? What the heck is this? Let me tell you in this brief blog post for October 2018.

Conditioning treatments are in-salon hair treatments, that condition & add moisture to dull dried-out hair. In some extreme cases, some clients may need extra protein in their conditioning treatment to fortify their overly highlighted hair.

I apply my treatments with a bowl & brush on freshly shampooed hair. They feel much like a heavy conditioner, and a plastic cap is placed on your head while you sit under the dryer for 20 minutes. Sitting under the dryer allows the moisture to penetrate into the hair shaft, so you leave the salon with shiny moisturized hair, full of body and shine.

I offer three levels of conditioning treatments:

Entry Level - $15

Mid-range $35

Luxury level - $55+

Choose: Hydrotriplex Moisture Treatment or Keratriplex Protein Treatment

What's the difference between the three levels? Level of ability to repair and replenish dry hair...or ability to penetrate into the hair fibers to give you lasting moisture.

Which one should you choose? At the least do an entry level 1-conditioning treatment once a month. Or go for the more rich Mid-range once a month.

If yo want the very best, go for my 'Gold Standard' in conditioning treatments: Luxury level- Hydrotriplex once every 8 weeks. This is the one I do on a regular basis to keep my hair hydrated & shiny.

Now you know what a conditioning treatment means. Try one today, you'll love how your hair feels!

Got a hair question? email me at: mishawna@mishawnaromerohair.com I'm always happy to help!

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