Sept. 2020. Hand Tied Extensions, My Process & Pricing

Come along with me in this video as I show you my hand tied extensions, along with my process & pricing in San Diego. Here you'll see actual clips of my Habit Extension Certification at Habit Salon, in Gilbert Arizona. I love this method because, in the 15 years I have been doing extensions, I've found this method to be the most damage-free for my client's natural hair.

Keep in mind, not all stylists who are on Instagram are certified. Many have only attended a few online classes, or try to get by on the 'free-stuff' on YouTube. I attended the in-person all day intensive taught by Chrissy Rasmussen, at Habit #1. I flew to Arizona to get certified by the best in the extension industry. This is the more premier of the certifications offered at Habit. Entrust your hair goals to me! I know what to do & when to do it. I am certified in this amazing method!

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