January 2019 Blog: Low Maintenance Haircolor Options

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Ever thought of coloring your hair, but don't want the commitment of sitting in the chair for hours every few weeks to maintain it? Do you want fancy, noticeable haircolor, but don't want to break the bank? Well, guess what? You can totally have cool hair color without giving up all of your free time, and money. Here are three of my most popular haircolor ideas, guaranteed to require minimal upkeep.

1/ Clear Color Gloss. This is where I use a semi-permanent clear gloss overlay on top of your existing haircolor. It doesn't alter your current hair color, it just adds incredible shine, moisture & hair friendly proteins to fortify your hair. Think of it as a clear coat of nail polish - but for your hair. Comes in 10 beautiful natural shades from darkest brown to clear. This haircolor needs to be refreshed every 8-10 weeks Cost for all over color, aka:clear gloss: $85 Long hair, $69 short/medium

2/ Face Frame Foils. 4-6 Foils are placed around your face in a placement that highlights your beautiful features. You'd be surprised at how a few foils can give lightness & brightness to your your face.

Or, if you want more bold pieces of blonde, ask me to place the foils vertically, parallel with your face. When your hair kicks/swings, everyone will notice the bright pops of blonde next to your face. This service takes 45 minutes in the salon. This haircolor needs to be refreshed 4x/year. Cost for face frame foils: $75 Long hair, $55 short/medium

3/Sombré. This is a softer version of the Ombré haircolor trend. Ombré is a very dramatic two-toned haircolor effect being dark at the top & very light at the bottom. With Sombré, the difference in the two tones is softer. Your roots stay untouched, the Sombré ends are only 1-2 shades lighter than your natural color. This haircolor, only needs to be refreshed 3x/year. This service takes 1 hour+ in the salon.

Cost for Sombré color: $95+ Long hair, $75+ short/medium

Low Maintenance Haircolor Options for 2019 !!

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