Jan/Feb 2021.How to Get Super Cute Inexpensive RX Sunglasses!

Updated: Feb 3

Watch my short YouTube video to see how to get prescription sunglasses for under $200 by shopping online with Warby Parker.

This video is useful, especially in pandemic, because you don't have to leave your house (except for the eye exam part), to get really cute, On-trend sunglasses from my favorite: Warby Parker. Steps: 1/ Schedule an eye exam to get your prescription.

I went to Walmart for $59, and I left with a paper prescription. 2/ Download Warby Parker app to your phone/computer 3/ Select: Sunglasses 4/ Select: At Home Try-On 5/ Pick 5 frames to try on at home...there's a few more steps you can see in my video!

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Rx Sunglasses with Warby Parker

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