I'm starting my own Youtube Channel!! September Blog

I'm so excited you guys!!

I made my first Youtube video, and I'm ready to share it with you all. Click the link at the end of this blog to see me & my serious but funny personality talking about the proper way to clean your hair brushes at home!

In my YouTube video (8:46 minutes), I go Step-by-Step through the proper way to clean your combs & brushes at home. These are the same steps that I follow at the salon to keep my clients safe from germs & illness. I recommend cleaning your brushes & combs at least once a month.

Having my own Youtube channel will allow me to connect better to my fans & friends. I don't know about you, but I could get lots for hours watching Youtube videos of my favorite internet celebrities & cats.lol. That's why I 'm so excited to create amazing content for you.

I've happily been a hairstylist for 13 years. Over the years I have learned many awesome hair tricks & tips to help you look like a better more polished version of yourself! And, I thought, why don't I share them in one forum. And since we all know & love Youtube, this is the place I'll be showing up to, every few months with a new video.

Be sure to check back on my blog, every month, where I give your monthly dose of HAIR LOVE.

Enjoy !! Have a great month my Hair Friends!

I always welcome video requests. You can email me at:

email: mishawna@mishawnaromerohair.com

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Watch my first Youtube video:


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