I Got My Brows Micro-bladed !! July blog

I went to my long time friend Maria Whalen. She's here local in La Mesa California. And I love what she did. It doesn't hurt & you will love the results!

The biggest benefit you get when you get your brows done, is that, for those of us with sparse brows, I was having to color them in daily with brow pencil. This was time consuming, and annoying. Now- I don't have to, just a few strokes of brow shadow (I like mine dark) and I'm out the door. You all know I love anything that gets me out the door quicker while looking my best!

You can see in the bottom right photo, the before: my brows were very sparse & patchy. Ugh. No bueno! Me in the peach top: After same day with my makeup on.


1/ No caffeine or alcohol the day before. If you did, you would bleed more & the artist will have a more tough time seeing where she needs to go

2/ Lie down on the table & she starts drawing your new brow design. This step takes the longest but is well worth it to get your brows symmetrical with just the right arch.

3/ Maria applies topical numbing cream

4/ She starts carving the design into your skin with a gentle microblade action

5/ Pigment is rubbed into the skin this creates the lasting brow look

6/ When I was done I immediately saw the beautiful results!

6/ 3 hours for a new guest appointment

7/ Come back in one month for a re-touch

8/ Maintenance: 2-3X/ year depending on the look you are going for

Cost for brows is $400-$450+ Come one month later for a touch-up, which is included in the initial cost.

Thank you @Brows_by _Maria for my beautiful brows! I couldn't be happier!!

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