Easy Weeknight Chicken Recipe. June 2020 Blog

Cooking is another passion of mine besides hair. The two are very similar: ingredients, technique, perfect timing and

delicious amazing results. Check out this baked chicken recipe I perfected over quarantine. Every time I make it I'm amazed at how good it tastes when it's done. Enjoy!

Mishawna's EASY Quarantine Chicken

You will need a meat thermometer


1 whole chicken 3-4lb.


2 tsp each:


Dried parsley

Onion powder

Garlic powder

Salt & pepper

-When roasting a whole chicken pay attention to your timing. A 3-4lb chicken may finish cooking

 in 35+ minutes at the low temperature. A 6lb chicken may take 50+ minutes.

• Remove giblets (discard)

• Pat dry entire chicken inside + out with paper towels

• Season chicken with all spices inside + out. 

  Don't forget the cavity

• Truss the chicken - Tie the legs tightly with string.

  Place chicken on rimmed baking sheet breast side up

Start high, finish low

Cook at 425 for 15-20 minutes. Then lower to 375 for an additional 45-50 minutes

• Check internal temperature for doneness. Insert thermometer in breast 165° is goal

• Let it rest 5 minutes, carve & enjoy!

Tag me in your social media post if you make my recipe. I'll feature you on my social media & show everyone what you've done!

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