April Blog: Does having FRIZZ free hair for 4 months

Updated: May 10, 2019

sound amazing to you? Then you might want to seriously consider getting a Brazilian Blow-Out. What the heck is this? It's a permanent smoothing treatment that when you're done, you'll have frizz free hair, with incredible shine and the time it takes your hair to dry...it's cut in half!

Ever notice how many celebrities (think Kardashians...) have the most shiniest sleekest hair? It's most likely because they get Brazilian Blow-Outs on a regular basis. What if you woke up and just had to lightly dry your hair with the blow dryer or flat iron for 5 minutes and you'd be out the door with sleek shiny hair with no frizz? Would you do it? I hope so!

You can have quick out the door hair, with Brazilian Blow-Out. So many people would benefit from this service. It's for curly hair, fine hair, highlighted hair, straight hair, men, coarse hair and anyone who wants low maintenance shiny hair. What you get is no FUZZ no poof and you can still maintain volume at the roots, or keep your curls, it just eliminates the frizz!

What if you went on vacation and didn't have to fool around with your hair because it already looks amazing? Yup. This can be you with Brazilian Blow-Out.

Protein bonds are formed around the hair strands with the special solution. As I put heat on it, this seals the bonds in the hair thereby giving you that smooth sleek look. It will last three-four months if you use the right products to maintain it. Brazilian Blow-Out is also designed to have a cumulative effect, so the more you do it - the better looking and stronger your hair will get.

Time in the salon 2-3 hours, more if you want color.

I get a Brazilian Blow-Out done once a year & I am always in love with how my hair kicks and swings and has so much shine! And how quickly it dries. I can't stop touching it after I get it done.haha

I am doing a Spring/Summer Promotion on this amazing service!

$110 short hair $210 medium hair and $230-$275 long hair.

Book online at https://www.mishawnaromerohair.com/book-online

Regularly priced at: $170/ $270/$370+. Offer expires 6/30/19

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