March Blog: DIY Curling Iron Video

Updated: May 10, 2019

Watch this 1 minute video if you are a busy on- the- go Woman, or just curling iron challenged. My style of Hair & Makeup videos is no fluff - no muss! Just straight to the point with a no- clutter - no distraction background. So you can see what I'm doing & take these tips home to use in your own life.

Hope you enjoy it!


1/ Each section of hair is like a pancake, if you spray the top & bottom with hairspray, your curls will last longer

2/ Hold the curl iron vertically, this makes the beautiful curls you see in magazines.

3/ As you get better and better at curling make your way around the head, imagine the curls are like candlesticks, one right next to each other as you go around the head. This will help you visually keep track of wear your next curl is

My favorite curling irons are by 'Hot Tools' purchase at Sally Beauty, or on Amazon ($40). Try 1 1/2" Iron (That's one and a half inch).

Avoid buying your *hot tools (*this means any flat iron, curling iron etc) at Target. Often times these irons have short cords - which means you'll have a hard time learning to curl because you're fighting with the cord. Especially the back of the head.

They also, they don't heat up very well, leaving you disappointed and frustrated in the morning when you're getting ready, looking in the mirror and your curls look weak.

Another thing, Target irons cost much more than the irons I've bought on Amazon or Sally's, because you are paying for convenience!!! So don't be silly just go and get the superior product: 'Hot Tools'.

PS: I still love Target, for home goods NOT for my hair products.

Video is cut slightly towards the end.

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