Best Brush for Fast Detangling!! August Blog

Guys, this brush is next level for fast detangling. It's the brush I have been using in the salon, for the past year on all of my clients, and especially my hair extension clients. It's the 'Pro Paddle Detangler' by Wet Brush ($28 includes free shipping).

The term: Wet Brush, means exactly that, It's intended for use on wet hair. Primarily for combing out the tangles when you get out of the shower. It is not a blow drying brush, if you use it for blow-outs, you'll ruin the brush & melt the plastic.

The reason I like this brush so much, is that when I'm at the salon, after I've sprayed some tangle spray*, the brush just glides so smoothly through the hair. It removes tangles so fast!! I was really surprised how quickly & easily it was to take out the knots. My favorite tangle spray is: *Rusk 12 in 1 Miracle Treatment; $25 free shipping.

Once I switched over completely to the Pro Paddle Detangler, I was shaving off as much as 10-25 minutes on my appointment times at the salon. Wow!! Such a time saver.

Here's a pro tip for my extension clients: Use this Wet Brush in the shower!. It's great for combing hair masque through your extension hair because it evenly distributes the masque all over each hair fiber. Using a hair masque once a month on extension hair, or natural hair, prolongs the life of your extension/natural hair.

Great for: Long hair, short hair, curly hair, kids,& especially extensions & highlighted hair !!

Happy Detangling you guys !!

Click this link to watch my Instagram post about this incredible brush:

To order my favorite conditioning spray by Rusk & the Pro Paddle Detangler by Wet Brush, email: includes free shipping in the US.

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