Aug. 2020 DIY: Cut your hair at home while in quarantine!

If you're in quarantine, watch my EASY Long Haircut with Face Frames | DIY Follow Along video, and you'll be on your way to feeling and looking better!

If you have very curly/textured hair or an extremely large amount of 'big hair' start with it flat ironed first, then follow along with me! This video is for beginners.

This haircut can be done with or without a partner. I show both. I use these same techniques to cut my hair at home, when I'm too busy to get into the salon, even though I'm a hairdresser haha!

Think of these 6 steps to keep you organized while you are cutting.

• Cut length

• Thinning (optional)

• Cut the roof

• Face frames

• Blowdry

• Last looks

During the process ask yourself: "Do I like how it looks, is it even?" If your cut needs adjusting, always work in small sections with small snips to ensure a neat design at the end.

Be sure to take a selfie while you're cutting with my video to be featured in a social media post!

Thanks for watching!


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