July 2020. '6 Hair Products All Women Should Own and How to Use Them'

Here's one of my most popular videos on my YouTube Channel. It's super easy to get overwhelmed with the millions of beauty products on the market. I break it down to 6 basic products you should own & I teach you how to use them. It's not hard, with a little practice & purchasing salon branded products, your hair can look flippin' amazing!!

Most of these products can be found on my NEW online store: www.shop-saguaro.com.

Are you tired of your current hair care routine? Need a new shampoo & conditioner? Email me & I'll give you a detailed list of the products I recommend for your lifestyle and hair goals.

I'm proud to be a Paul Mitchell Stylist. They've been an industry leader in 40 years of hairstyling, cruelty-free products & planet friendly items. Enjoy!

Email: mishawna@mishawnaromerohair.com


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