5 Rules for Perfect Haircolor Once You Leave the Salon. October Blog

I've got some great information on this blog!! Client education is one of my passion projects, and, I love teaching you guys, new ways to care for your hair. This blog is a repost from last year. It's one of my favs so I thought I'd share again since I've got some new subscribers!!

I spend my days giving my clients lustrous beautiful multi-dimensional color. Here are a few quick tips on how to care for your new haircolor once you leave my chair. Let me know what you think! DM me or email me using the contact box at the bottom of this page.

1 Get creative to disguise roots. Change or part, or use one of the popular over the counter roots sprays. I'm a big fan of these sprays because they don't break the bank (usually under $20), and you can keep on in your purse car or at work.

2 Don't over highlight. The reason for highlights, is to add dimension to your hair, so your face looks younger & brighter. If you get too many, you're back to an all over blonde look - one single color. Sometimes this can leave you looking washed out. 3 Shampoo once or twice a week. Collective gasp! I know, you're saying, I couldn't possibly do this. Yes you can, if it meant more moisturized hair & longer lasting color right? Washing too often strips our hair of it's natural oils, leaving hair dry & limp. Opt for a side ponytail with some dry shampoo on day three or four. I promise, you'll get used to it. 4 Go opposite your skin tone. Gold can be a bad idea if you have pinkish skin...the gold will bring out more of the pink. Try a cool icey blonde instead. For us olive toned women, ash can makes up look washed out. Opt for warm, sandy honey tones instead. 5 Don't overdo the protein hair treatments. Hair masques can add moisture & shine, but because of the high amount of protein in many of the masque/treatments, you can over do it and dry out your hair. Once or twice a month is enough. I publish new blog posts once a month, so check back to this page monthly!

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